app integration and updating for your shopify store

App Installation, Updating And Integration In Shopify Store

Shopify App Store was launched in the year 2009 by Shopify and it has turned out to be a game changer. Shopify App store is an online marketplace where developer build apps and plug-ins for Shopify stores. The app store hosts thousands of apps that are ready to install for your shopify store. Shopify apps are very useful in your ecommerce business, as it helps you to boost the customization, sales, conversion and scaling the business.

Like some customer might like to have an app on a specific product page, where they can browse the product specifications. Or you can have coupon app which are very much useful to your customer. They are very effective in providing your customers with a seamless shopping experience. There are many other great Shopify Apps available.

App Installation

Shopify Store Apps are additional functionalities that can be added to your store and improve your online business. You will be able to add an app by logging into the Shopify Admin, clicking on the Online Store tab, and then clicking Install an app .

App Updating

Shopify store updates are a measure taken by Shopify to make sure that the stores they host are running smoothly. As the Shopify platform is updated, the app on the store has to be updated accordingly. The app updates are simple and are done without much hassle.

In the app updating there a very less chance you loss your old app setting and for this you have to take precautionary measures first. In this have have to remember what setting you have in your app.

After the updating, might be possible you see new functions and features. Now the time you can play with these new options.

App Integration

Many times after the app install you have to integrate the functions with you store and other selling channels. Yes, some apps show better functionality and speed for some specific themes. For this you need to read the instructions. And integrate the app in your store.

Hello there, I understand that you’re trying stuff with Shopify Store Apps. I will be happy to help you with this. Any function and feature you are looking for.


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