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How To Create And Add Shipping Policy Page In Shopify Store

Today, Extremefy will teach you how to add and create the shipping policy page in your Shopify store. Shipping policy to keep your e-commerce store safe, from any legal issues.

A shipping policy is a set of terms created by an online seller. That describes how orders are shipped to the customer. So it is essential to add to the Shopify store.

Step to Create Shipping Policy in Shopify store:

1. On the left sidebar, click “Online Store”
2. Here click on the third option which is “Pages”
3. Click “Add Page”
4. Here write the page “Title & Description”
5. Click on the “Save Button”
6. Now view your terms of service page

If you want to show this page, in the footer or header section, then follow these steps.

Step to Add Shipping Policy page in Shopify store:

1. Click on the “Navigation Tab”
2. Click on the “Menu”
Click add “Menu Item”
3. Write the “Title”
4. Link the “Destination Page”
5. Click the “Save Button”
6. Refresh the page “Home Page”

Here you can see our shipping policy page is shown. If you want to show this in the any other section. Do the same steps. As I teach you for the footer section.

Shipping policy of a shopify store should be clear, direct, and easy to understand. Because  is the thing which a customer read before to make an order on your store. If shipping policy f your shopify store is good then, A customer defiantly make a purchase.

This is the right way to add shipping policy page in your Shopify store make your store shipping policy page good so a visitor can quickly get an update on how there will be shipped that’s always a matter.


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