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Fulfill Order Manually/Automatic on Shopify Store

We’re going to walk you through our actual process for fulfilling orders on shopify store.  This is the process we use to ship and provide customer service for our products sold on our store.

Order fulfillment is a very important aspect of running an online business. The general goal of order fulfillment is to convert an online order into a packaged and shipped order that is delivered to the customer. The order fulfillment process is the point where you are able to turn an online order into a physical one and make your customer happy.

Fulfill Order Manually

Yes, you can manually fulfill your orders on Shopify. It’s recommended to manually fulfill orders on Shopify if you have inventory. You can provide your customers with tracking numbers and the shipping updates until the order reaches to destination. In addition, Shopify offer shipping apps that you can integrate with store to send out your orders manually.

If you are working a Shopify store, you’ll notice that when you click the “Fulfillment” button and click “Manual” you will see that all your orders are in a queue. However you can choose to fulfill them as they come, or fulfill them in bulk. So basically, you can fulfill the orders yourself one by one if you want, or you can do it in bulk.

There’s an app that does it. It’s called Order Printer for Shopify, and it just allows you to fill each order manually with a barcode scanner.

  • Shopify provides a manual fulfillment option
  • Order is set to “manual fulfillment”
  • Shopify provides the “Email Order” option
  • When the order status is changed to “processing”
  • Shopify will send an email to customers
  • Which redirect customers to the “shipping” page
  • Customer use tracking id for shipping status

As a shopify store owner, you have to take certain steps for your fulfillment. You might be surprised to know that shipping is not a complicated process; however, it could be time-consuming and requires much more effort in order to be taken care of correctly. In order to save your time and efforts, let our team of professionals at Extremefy do the work for you.

Fulfill Order Automatic

Shopify auto fulfill order apps are used in fulfillment of physical products. It can be used to fulfill the large number of orders. Shopify fulfilment apps are more optimal when there is a large number of orders. These apps are easy to use and can be operated by even a semi-tech savvy person.

It helps you to manage all the shipments from a Single Control Panel. Provides you a complete system which allows you to manage all your orders, shipments, and customers from a single dashboard, fulfillment operations and reduce the errors in order fulfillment. It also allows you to track the shipments on map to know its location accurately. Overall great apps are available on Shopify app store.

Automatic fulfillment best works in dropshipping products. In this you just need to order the exact matching product from the supplier. He will ship the product for you and share the tracking id. This tracking id will be mailed to your customer by the shopify server. And customer will get updates time to time. Until the product reaches to the customer.

All of you have to check if there is any error occur in the shipping process. Here the some best best companies which also have their shopify apps. Which help you to fulfill dropshipping order automatically. Only there a minor setting need to done. Then all the process will goes auto automatically.

  • Oberlo
  • Spocket
  • CJdropshiping

Our company offers order fulfillment services that spans across a wide range of industries. Feel free to contact us!


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