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Role of Images, Videos And Content In Shopify Store

We are a visual society. We are attracted to images, videos and content. When it come to presentation of brand identity, conversions and better customer experience then images, videos, and content play’s the best role. From these three supporting details a customer can easily judge what is it actually. In simple I can say their role can’t be neglect and we have to use them to get maximum benefit.

Images, Videos And Content

Image is a pictorial representation in two dimensions of a visual perception. When we go to a website, we want to see images because it help us to understand the thing visually. In fact, the images on your site are probably the most important things you’ve got. Images are one of the most important components of marketing, whether that is print, digital, e-mail or social media marketing. That’s why we need to use the images as our branding colors more we have to put logo their.

Video has the power to help you communicate your ideas and the value of your business. It’s a powerful tool for engaging your customers. Because video is becoming more explainable and accessible, video content is a great way to increase your customer engagement. Businesses that use videos on their site see a 60 percent increase in customer engagement and an 80 percent increase in customer conversion. In video we can explain what value your are providing and what it is then the results will be worthy.

Content does the selling for you, attracting those special customers. Content is the key to conversions because it can persuade the visitor. It is the key to SEO optimization which lead us in increasing traffic and sales. I can’t fathom a business surviving today without the power of content. Content is the future of business and the key to your success. Your content is only as strong as the words you use. Don’t be afraid to learn new ways to effectively target your audience. Then convince your reader and provide all the info to get conversions.

Home Page

A visitor which come to home page and want to make a purchase he need to understand how branded your are. Here you need to use the sections which can explain your brand what your are selling, how you are better option from others the more trust you put more conversion rate come. For this you have to you images, content and minimum one video in your home page.

Video can be about your brand or if you are selling one product then it will be explain your one product and brand. Also your store branding must be present every where in images, content and in videos. It can be a slogan and logo.

Collection Page

Here we have our products collection, so every product feature image must have our branding logo and maximum pixel help the visitor to see the product image clear. We can also use the feature image for our collection page at top this show what collection is about.

Product Page

Here we need to put maximum energy to present our product. Better images which explain best, We have to use at least one video in product page this will be related to product what is it? how to use? etc. Also we can use GIF images here a second option if you don’t have product video. When it come to content we need to use sale pitch, copywrite, feature, specification, and every details.


In this review section we can ask our previous customer to share their positive feedback and we can put reviews by ourselves. In reviews we can use content, image and maybe a video which tells what I order and what I get in positive manner and good purchase experience. This will help the visitor to understand all the things about what he will get when he make a order!

Other Pages

For pages like: Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy etc. we have to explain all aspects because this will be a shake hand of trust to visitor.

We will create high quality branded images and videos for your brand and for the product, and write that content which really converts. And put more energy to catch your excellent results. Hire extremefy and start your success journey with extremefy.


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