managing shopify store return refund and exchange

Manage Shopify Store Return, Refund And Exchange

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in the world with hundreds of thousands of happy users. It’s easy to setup and use. Once you have a store, you can easily manage your store rights. For example, if your customers return an item, you can approve the refund, and as a result, they will get the money back in their accounts. Also you can stop the refund if your store selling policy is not allowing refund.

  • Go to the Orders page, click on Returns, then on the order you will want to refund. Finally, click Refund.
  • If the order is sent back for exchange, then you can simply click the Exchange button. The order will be automatically exchanged for a new one. The new items will be shipped to the customer and the old item will be sent back to the warehouse.

Shopify Store Return

Customer can ask for the return and you can deal with this as your return policy. Shopify doesn’t allow Return shipping address as it is a secure place to do business. If you want to return a product, you must ship it back to the supplier or in your warehouse. For this you need to contact your customer. In the result of return customer 99% possibility can ask a money refund.

Shopify Store Refund

If a customer knows the product is not the right one they bought, (e.g. it’s not the color they want) they can ask you to return it to you and refund the money.

If the product is flawed and has a manufacturer defect, removing the defect will not change the nature of the product. One example of flawed product is if a customer ordered a pink shirt, but received a blue shirt by mistake. Another example is if customer ordered a new shirt and received a used one.

If the customer is unsatisfied simply because he didn’t like the product, then the customer cannot claim for a refund. The customer has to contact you for the return of the product. The return of the product will not result in a refund unless there is a manufacturer defect that makes the item useless.

If you have a very vague return policy, then customer can claim a refund under any reason. A clear return policy will protect you from such claims.

Shopify order refund has two types. One is a full refund and another is partial refund you can settle this case with your buyer with these options. But Shopify refund is considered as a full refund by default.

If you don’t want to refund then note this: In these days, Paypal, banks, online payment gateways etc allow your customer to initiate a money refund from there side. In many cases money will be hold and you and your customer provide details to payment gateways then they give a solution and decide what will be the next step.

You as a customer service representative can always offer a refund in the store credit in such cases “A Better Option”. The most important thing is to have a clear return policy.

Shopify Store Exchange

In the return and refund case, you can offer for an exchange. If you have a exchange policy, might a chance your customer can ask for the exchange after knowing that. In this you have to ship the new order, and also ask your customer the old product return if you have option. And you can ask some money for that order exchange. This way you can minimize the loss.

Yes, Order return, refund and exchange is very critical and technical procedure and you have to deal with this very precisely. I am here for you to help you in this!


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