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Shopify Branding: Build Your Own Shopify Brand in 7 Simple Steps

Branding means developing a reputation for a product, service or organization so that it is easily recognized by its intended audiences. A brand is created through messages delivered through communications channels such as advertising, promotional programs, store shelf space, and packaging. Branding can be a key factor in the success or failure of a business.

Shopify Branding is a complete guide to how you should brand your shopify store. From color to fonts and everything else. Shopify Branding is the most comprehensive guide to branding your Shopify store.

Shopify branding is the visual identity of your Shopify store. Branding is what makes your shop stand out from the other store on the platform. Your brand is the first impression for your customer. The branding includes the company name, slogan, color scheme, typography, logo fonts, favicon, website content, etc. Shopify branding is very important, because it marks the personality of your business.

Branding is what makes your business unique. It delivers your business message in a subtle way to your customers. You should consider your branding very carefully. It should convey confidence, trust and even love. Your brand’s design should congruently reflect what you are selling. Shopify store branding is divided into 7 main sections.

Brand Name

It is catchy, easy to remember, UNIQUE and perfect in all ways. The name symbolizes the core concept in a single word. There are no other brand names in the market which are similar to it.

In the context of creation, a brand name is any word, name, symbol, or design used to identify the products or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers. A brand name helps customers recognize a product and feel confident they are purchasing a quality item. A brand name should associate with a company or product’s values, vision, and mission. It is the foundation for corporate identity and product innovation. The brand name is a crucial component of the product or service.

It represents the promise to the customer which differentiates it from the competition. Having a strong brand name takes time, creativity, and careful thought. Choose a name that can be written or spoken easily and is memorable. Use names that describe the product or service and that have very specific, concise meanings.


It is a catchy phrase used to promote a product, service or idea. The purpose is to create an image or relatable idea in the minds of the potential consumers. A great slogan can also be used as a “call to action” to make people aware of the product, and convince them to take a specific action.

A slogan is designed to be memorable, to the point and original. It should effectively do the job and make people aware of its existence. In case the product is not a single product, it should be quite relevant with the product. Slogans are also used to describe a position or policy, for example, the slogan for the apple is “Think Different”.

Color Scheme

Color is one of the key facets of a brand. It can help you convey the kind of message you want to convey. Color affects the mood of the customers. The color is supposed to evoke a particular emotion. There are many studies that show the relationship between the color, emotions, and the subconscious.

  • Brand color scheme and brand consistency is not compulsory, you should use it as a tool in your marketing strategy.
  • Color is the most important thing while designing a brand identity.
  • If you are a new startup, then you can choose any colors.
  • If you’re expanding your business, then it’s better to plan your color choices in advance.
  • There are different types of emotional associations for different colors, for ex. Red = Danger, Blue = Trust, Purple = Peace, Black = Power, White = Cleanliness, Yellow = Sunlight.
  • If you are going to use 2 or more colors in your brand identity, then try to use primary colors.
  • The colors of your website can add or take away your money, according to a study.
  • Color can be used to guide your customers to a call to action.
  • Color schemes can be inspired by a brand.
  • Brand colors should be bright and should be seen clearly.

Typography, Font And Typeface

Typography is used to communicate with customers. Good Typography is both attractive and readable. It captures customer’s attention and conveys the intended message. A great font is one that is legible, attractive, interesting and readable.

It is not about the style or the designer, it is about the customer. Customers should be able to read the text easily. The font should have a style that is consistent with the brand. Although Fonts do not make a brand, they influence your customer’s perception of it.

Logo and Favicon

The logo is the identity of the brand, it represents the business and its mission. It is very important that the logo is unique and different from other businesses logos.

Favicon is the small icon which represents your website in the browser tab. It is not the logo. Logo is used in your business card, website and advertisement. In the beginning, after your website has been developed, you need to allow time for your visitors to recognize your brand. The best way to do this is to repeat your logo throughout your website and in other media. Do not use your brand logo as favicon, this will confuse your visitor.

Images, Videos And Content

Branding is important, the brand identity is a promise you give to your customers and should be unique and consistent. It is essential to know about the needs of your customers and how you can help them.

Brand images, videos and content are all the goodies that you can use to decorate the store. This is the calling card of your page.  The goal is to get the visitor to read and see your pages.

Branding images play an important role in the branding of a product, blog or a service. Images used in marketing can be of great help in establishing attractiveness of the brand. Every product needs to have been branded using images.

One of the most important aspects of imagery is that it should be able to create a hype about your blog or product. It should give a curious feeling about what the product is doing to the customer and how the customer will be benefited by the activity.

Store Design

Store design is a process of making the store easy to recognize and attractive to the customers. There are three main types of store design:

Static design: It is the kind of store design which does not change with the time. Well, the style remains the same but you can add colors, lighting and other things which can create a freshness in the store.

Dynamic Design: It is the kind of design which is in tune with the time. The store design changes according to the season and the products.

Interactive Design: It is the kind of store design which emphasizes on the customer experience. One can give the customers a virtual tour of the store, designing of the products and more. In short, it is the kind of design which is interactive and responsive.

The best way to visit a store is to walk around. When you walk in, you’ll have a great idea of what kind of people visit the store, and where they’re likely to go. Spend some time to observe and reflect. Look at the layout of the space and what the store is trying to accomplish.

Design is different than fashion, color, and scale. Design is about accomplishing an idea. It’s about satisfying the purpose of the space. The goal of the store. The way to do that is to design with intent.

This guide help you to brand your shopify store and give more trust and conversion rate! Because branding of store always matter’s. More if you feeling hard we are here for you!


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