shopify customer service and delivery consulting management

Shopify Customer Service And Delivery Consulting Management

Good customer service and  delivery consulting is a must in any shopify store. It doesn’t matter what type of store you have, there’s always going to be a time you’ll have to deal with customers and make them happy.

This can be anything from resolving an issue with a broken product, dealing with a complaint or trying to get a customer become a repeat customer. Sometimes the simplest things can make a customer happy and you need to always keep that in mind.

Customer Service

Customer service is an interesting field because it is one that requires putting someone in your trust. It requires compassion, the ability to be an effective problem solver and a general concern for the success and satisfaction of others. Customer service positions require that you be a good listener, have excellent multi-tasking skills, have patience and the ability to keep a cool head.

In addition, if one of your customers is unhappy, you need to be able to diffuse the situation with tact, diplomacy and a certain amount of self control.


A good customer service advisor should possess the following traits: You also have to adopt these for your store good customer support.

(1) The ability to read people and respond in the right way to them

(2) The ability to make the customer feel welcome and appreciated

(3) The ability to make the customer feel that he is being heard and understood

(4) The ability to empathize with the customer

(5) The ability to show that you are listening and understanding what the customer is saying


These qualities should be present in each communication.

(1) Remain calm under stress and pressure

(2) Keep a cool head in an emergency

(3) Remain responsive to customer queries and complaints

(4) Be willing to work long and stressful hours

You should be able to show empathy towards the customers and understand their needs and concerns. You should have the ability to listen closely to the customers and offer solutions to their issues. Always listen to the customer and try to resolve the issues in a way that the customer would be satisfied with. Also be able to retain information and use it to solve customer queries.

Delivery Consulting

Delivery Consulting is the process of sharing the information about the order. It helps store deliver a consistently great experience that is in line with customer expectations. So this is very important because this is the time you have to ship the product and show the trust you will get the best one. If a customer placed an order then he needs to get information about these:

Order Received

First of all, you have to share the “Customer Receipt” in which you have to tell your customers you get the payment and soon tracking Id will be shared.

Order Tracking

If you are shipping the physical product the you need to share the order tacking you will get this from you shipment company and then you have to share this with your customer. Then he can also track live the product.

Order Refund

In the order refund there are two scenario:

1: Your Buyer Need Refund: Maybe he order wrong product or changed his mind.

2: You not able to ship: Maybe your product gone out of stock

In this scenario, you have to deal with the refund according your store refund policy.

Order Return

Order return is a situation where a customer complains against the product and you decides to deal according to the return policy.

Parcel Received

Its mean Parcelreceived by the customer, Parcel received indicates that the order has been completed and its delivery successfully shipped the goods!

This is the road map of customer service and delivery consulting management of store. If you want any help, I am here ready to discuss it more with you!


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