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Shopify Store Inventory Management & Shipping Complete Guide

Shopify Store Inventory Management  helps in increasing your control over quality and quantity, and decrease your losses. You need to manage your products, verify stock and check the quantity of your items.

It also helps you in purchasing, pricing of your products, and tracking the sales of your store. It is the best way to increase your revenue, decrease your losses and manage your products. Infer a customer’s interest in your products and let them know when the item is being restocked.


In this situation you don’t need to worry about inventory. You just need to find a good supplier that can ship products for you. More you can inquire the number to units your supplier have. This will help you to understand when you will need a new supplier. Also you can put any matching random number in you shopify store product setting to remember how much your supplier have. And for the shipping your supplier will provide you the tracking ID which you will share with your buyer.

An order management solution that enables you to directly link your store with top carriers in your country. Using this, you can process and fulfill your orders directly from the Shopify platform.

You can create separate shipping rates for each carrier to offer your customers the option of choosing their preferred shipping carrier. And allows you to send automated shipping confirmation emails to customers after their orders have been booked and shipped.

Physical Inventory

Shopify does not provide a shipping option. However, you can integrate a carrier service like UPS or USPS to ship orders from your store. These carriers offer shipping management software that lets you manage your packages and track inventory. There are also third-party third-party apps that can be used to manage your inventory and shipments as well.

With the Shopify inventory management app from Shopify, you can manage shipment and inventory tracking, sales and customer management, and reordering. You can also record inventory in real time, synchronize all products, and more. It’s a good way to manage your Shopify store’s inventory.

Remember, it’s very difficult to win the trust of customers if you ship them wrong products and then ask them to return them back at your cost.

This is about Shopify store inventory management & shipping, If you need our help feel free to contact us!


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