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Shopify Rebranding: The Art of Rebrand A Old Shopify Store

Why do you buy a Mac computer? Because their design is better than others. Why do you drink Coca cola or Pepsi? Because their taste is better than others. You can drink water from any normal water source. But you buy and drink water because they think its better. And you true! because these brands put values to normal things and sell it to you. Lets add more value in your store, Until it become successful.

Shopify rebranding is the process of updating Store look and feel.  We have always managed to do that without hurting the user experience.  There are a lot of chances that a lot of people will love the changes.  The redesign will make store a great place to visit.  It will also make it a great place to grow your business.

Rebranding is something which is a must if you want to grow your business. It is the best way to change your fortunes. Shopify is a platform where you can set up an online shop. It also provides themes and apps which help you to set done your rebranding. So, shopify rebranding is a good option to try.

Shopify store Rebranding is a complex process which combines strategy and execution. Rebranding is not easy but you can definitely do it on Shopify for your business. The best way to rebrand a Shopify store is to follow the steps below:

Brand Name

First of all, brand is not a name, its a perception! It can be anything, not only a name. Brand is made up of many perceptions. So, name is just one of them, but it is also the starting point. A good brand name should have following characteristics:

  1. Easy to pronounce
  2. Easy to spell
  3. Needs to be unique

And it should not give any negative connotations and should be able to be trademarked. Brand is dependent on name? This is one of the most important questions. And the answer is that ” it depends “. It depends on what the brand is offering. What is the product or service in short. A brand can be an adjective, a verb, an action, a company or even a name.

When we talk about a shopify store brand, we always consider it from its domain name and this must have 3 characteristics which i explain to you above. So what’s the actual rebrand name mean: If you already have good domain name, Then you don’t need to change that. But if got more accurate name then you can rebrand it with new.


Brand Slogan is one of the most important part of a brand. It is a short, memorable phrase or sentence that represents the brand to the customers. If it is short and says everything it needs to in a few words, then it is a good slogan.

For example: Slogan of Nike “Just Do It” So if you don’t have a good slogan then you can create it new and use in your store.

Color Scheme

For me, brand color scheme is the foundation of your brand. People remember color better than anything else. Colors should be eye catching and memorable. For example, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Google, Adidas etc. are all well-known from their color.

Red, Green and Blue are among the most popular colors for website branding. However, there are no clear-cut universal rules for choosing the best color scheme for your brand. It all depends on your target audience.

According to experts, the best color combination for a brand that caters to children, teenagers, and young adults is red, blue, and yellow. If you are targeting the elderly, you might want to consider maroon, purple, and silver, since these colors are associated with the old.

This way you can rebrand your store color scheme and make it more compiling to your customer’s.

Typography, Font And Typeface

The role of typography, font, typeface, in branding is very essential. It’s one of the main elements of your company’s identity. It plays a key role in how a brand is perceived by the consumers.

Typography is a technique of arranging type to make language visible. Font is a set of typography. Typeface is a specific style of font.  When we talk about “branding”, we refer to the promotion of the name, symbol, design or image of a particular product. It is the set of elements that make up the visual identity of a brand. It delivers a message in a very visual manner. It conveys the persona of a brand, and distinguishes one brand from another. This way you have to chose a best of them if you don’t have any.

Logo and Favicon

Rebranding is changing the logo, favicon, of the store. Sometimes, A new logo will be included as part of the rebranding. The rebranding should be done by an constant changing until you got the best one. He will change the logo and the favicon. The color can also be changed.

The rebranding will ensure that the new logo and favicon is more eye-catchy and easier to remember. There are occasions happens when a change in these is also required very hard. For example, the existing logo might not be able to convey the new image of the company.. A new logo could also be created when the company has been taken to a new market segment. This way you can rebrand your store if you don’t need that then existing logo is retained.

Images, Videos And Content

Images, videos and content are the first thing your customer will see.

So that when customer enters the store, he gets a clear picture about your values. Videos are the best way to show your product and service. If you can’t afford a video, then at least have a nice high quality image slideshow on your website. Content is the king. You need to write quality articles so that your store gets better traffic.

This way you can rebrand you images, videos and content. It will rebrand the tone for the entire store.

Store Design

When people walk into a store, their first impression of a store is formed in less than 30 sec. That is why a good store design is crucial when it comes to sales. Your store must be clean, well-lit and have an inviting atmosphere. It also must have a good layout, which will help a customer to quickly find what she is looking for. It is important to never underestimate the importance of a good store design. Its is an art of visual expression. A good store design is the key for your business’ future success. And It will definitely increase sales.

Store design is important, and it’s important to get it right. It’s changed the way people shop and engage with brands.

This way you need to rebrand your store design in a new look and it depend as per the brand.

These steps helps you to rebrand your store in a flow, this will help your store to start with new energy. If you need my help then I am here for you!


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