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Shopify Static, Dynamic & Interactive Design Elements

Design elements are the building blocks of design. They are the basic principles of visual design that communicate a message or meaning. Design elements are the fundamental aspects of any visual design include Shape, color, space, form, line, value, and texture. They play a important role in visitor behavior. If you use them in best sense then it will be more conversional and professional look to store.

If you use them in best sense then it will be more conversional and professional look to store.

Shape is a basic geometric figure with well-defined edges. Color is an independent property of visual perception. Space is the area or volume in which objects exist. This space is perceived as having depth, width, and height. Form is a three-dimensional shape perceived within space. Line is a continuous mark. Value is the lightness or darkness of a color. Texture is the surface quality of an object or image.

These seven aspects of design are most important when working with web design. When you are going to develop store. You have to consider all these elements because they will be the reason of your store success and more effective.

Static Design Element

Static design elements such as text and multimedia elements. They can created by some use of code HTML, CSS, and basic function. In simple these are the basic static design element store in the server and show as simple. Static design element is the building block of a website which is seen in the browser even before the page is loaded. Like logo, title, menus etc.

Static design elements are components or parts of the design which remain unchanged regardless of the screen size or device the site is being viewed on. Static design elements are different from “dynamic” elements which are dependent on the type of device being used to view the page.

Dynamic Design Element

Dynamic design element is the one which creates an overall experience of the webpage. It’s the interaction of the elements of the page which gives users a feeling of the page. Dynamic design element is the element which emphasizes on the interaction of the elements with user.

Balance of layout and better sense of hierarchy, set of principles and structures. Every element which we use in this must represent a dynamic look which lead our visitor to understand it more. The dynamic design elements is expected to help the systematical approach in information representation at users:

  • Identify Your Subject
  • Establish Hierarchy
  • Give Meaning
  • Create Motion

Then a dynamic design will created which overall know as the dynamic design element. Dynamic design elements, also referred to as rich media elements or rich media ads, are the images, sounds, and video clips commonly used to spice up the presentation of a website’s content. Nowadays, having rich media elements on a website is a must for any serious business. So, if you want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd, use rich media elements on your website.

Interactive Design 

The interactive design elements are the elements which enable the user to interact with the design. The most common element is the button, which is used for clicking and submitting information. However, there are other elements as well, including form fields, menus, sliders, videos, text, etc.

The elements also includes

  • Flash animation
  • Web application
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Games
  • Slide shows

More Interactive design elements is the synergy of multimedia and interactive content designed for a website to keep the visitors on the site for the time being. The main aim to create the interactive element which should be helpful for the company objectives.


It mainly depends on the interactive elements which can be used to develop the interactive website. These elements help to draw the attention of the visitors to the website.

These are the design element more you can discuss with me via contact form below!


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