shopify store brand typography font and typeface

Shopify Store Branding: Typography, Font And Typeface Explained

Typography comes from the word “type” and the word “to write.” It is the visual art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. Typography can also be used as a synonym for fonts. Fundamentally, typography will get its inspiration from calligraphy and the art of writing. Typography may also be considered as a subset of graphic design and or art.

Font is a set of symbols used by a printer or computer to display text. It includes typefaces. It also includes point size, letter spacing and line length. Fonts are available in many different styles, sizes, weights and colors. For example:  Arial, Times New Roman, Segoe UI, Tahoma, Verdana.

Typeface represents the physical appearance of type-lettering, such as the size, shape and style of a specific typeface. Font is a software simulation of the same typeface. This includes all the characters and symbols in a specific typeface such as bold, italics, underlined, and so on. A typeface will have unique characters and symbols, but a font will have a family resemblance to the other fonts in the same font family. Typeface is called a font when it is actually a software simulation of a Typeface.

Brand Typography, Font And Typeface

Brand is an image that a particular product or service have in the market. It is a name, a symbol or a design that represents the product or service. Typography plays a vital role in branding. It is one of the elements that make a brand. It enhances the visual and emotional appeal of the brand to connecting with the target audience. So, it is important that your typography should compliment the other visual elements in the brand and make it stand apart from the rest.


Good typography is important to make your design attractive. Best typography is one which attracts most people and draws people’s attention faster than any other design. Typography also used in logos to make the logo more attractive.

Sometimes the identity design is a little too complex and needs a bit of simplification. Fonts, colors and wording should be selected that they convey the brand’s identity in a clear, effective way. Branding is an important part of making the right impression of your business.

It is often the first impression that someone gets of your company.  It is important to use a logo that has already been established in the organization that is familiar to people and is recognizable. Just as you recognize the Coca Cola logo, the UPS logo and the Yahoo logo, your customers are expecting to be able to recognize your organization too.


Font role in branding is very important. Fonts reflect the personality of the brand, the audience it is targeting, the nature of business and its values. Some fonts are more symbolic than others. Some fonts look too generic, so when choosing a font, one must always be aware of other elements in the brand.


Well, Typefaces are the most important components of Logos and Branding process. Typefaces are basically based on Fonts and Fonts are used to display content (text). If a wrong, unprofessional or inappropriate Typeface is used in Branding, the overall Branding will look bad. Typeface design is considered as among the most important part of design. Typeface design will give different feel and look to your brand, it is easily recognizable and unique from other brands.

Typefaces come in different styles and quality, so you can spend time on finding a unique and effective typeface for your brand.


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