ways to support and maintain your shopify store

Ways To Support And Maintain Your Shopify Store

Support and maintain of your Shopify store is the key of success. Because the more your store stand online the more chance of sales. Being a successful Shopify store owner means that you have managed to support and maintain store that generates a profit for you. Sales and experience, There are two pillars of store. While sales are the main revenue driver, one can’t ignore the importance of experience. It takes years to build a brand reputation and trust.


Shopify store theme is developed by the third party developer. Shopify don’t support store theme. Own store theme file and Shopify theme store is working completely different. When you update your store theme for Shopify theme store, it is not possible for you to fetching update from Shopify theme store. However, you can put the update manually from third party developer. Also you have to update your theme look and design according to events like Christmas day, black Friday and new year etc.


Yes, Shopify store app support is available. You can avail the support via live chat or phone. You can also create ticket and get the issues fixed. The resolution time is quite fast and it is quite satisfied for the users.

You have to check with time to time for more apps which hep your store to boost the conversion rate.

Sale Channels

Shopify has a network of partners which help in selling products online. The Shopify store supports all these channels and hence does not require any big maintenance just need to update API’s and linking. Some of the channels are

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Pintrest
  • Instagram
  • Google merchant center
  • Mailchimp and more

The channels are only a small part of what Shopify has to offer. You can add these sale channels to enhance your store.


For that, you need to spend time understanding your products, the market, your customers and what the competitors are doing. Knowing your products and keeping your customers on the loop is critical to the success of your business. Since there isn’t a standard definition of the term “Product Support” it’s hard to find a universal or even reasonable answer to this question.  There are variations in product support which depend on the type of product you are selling.

We all know that customers are too smart and they can smell a rat a mile off. They want a great product, at a good price, good images and videos with right stock, that delivers value and solves their problems. That’s why your store needs to stand out and give a good impression.


If you are selling products or have a product then you should have a coupon for it. Coupons are an excellent way to attract the traffic of your website. 90% of the customers use the coupons in order to make the purchase if they have one. The store owners should regularly update the coupons and make their customers happy.

It is important to update and maintain store coupons, promotions regularly. If you are aware of the sale and discount offers of a store, then you can easily save big bucks by using the store coupons. You can easily share store coupons in newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Downtime Monitoring

There is very less chance of shopify server goes down, But theme or app can initiate conflict and your store goes down. Store uptime monitoring app is the right way to monitor your online store performance. It is a useful tool to be used by online sellers and store owners to get information about their store uptime and downtime.

For example, if your site goes down for whatever reason, you will get a text or an email letting you know and you’ll be able to take action before anyone notices. It means you won’t lose potential sales, you won’t lose any potential customers, and you won’t lose any SEO rankings. Your store is probably one of your most important assets, and you can’t afford to let this happen.

Malware Scanning

Shopify store malware scanning is a must, especially if you sell digital physical products. It is very easy to implement the malware scanning in Shopify. You can simply use an app. That scans your entire store for any malicious code or links. The best part is that it is free!

Shopify keeps a log of when your store has been scanned and by who. If you believe there’s been a breech, you can then reach out to them and find out who the security company is that has performed the scan. I’m sure the information will be given to you if you have any proof. Shopify is quite focused on security and provides a number of options to help you keep it safe.

Monthly Backup

If you are using Shopify, you don’t have to be worried about losing your store data. Shopify provides a free export and import system which automatically updated your store data every day. If anything happens to your store, you can easily restore your store from the these backup files.

You can use an external service for that. And this will be in one backup file and these services use cloud storage to store data that is critical to the business. You will pay less than $100 per month for it.

Monthly site report to find out what can enhance user experience and where the site is lacking on technical stand point.

This way you can support and maintain your store. If you are serious about becoming a successful store owner. Feel free to ask for help!


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